Update August 2022

As we pack our Harley Davidsons in preparation of our trip to the black hills in South Dakota I thought I would take time to update you on our Farmstead progress.

It has been a “LOT” of work, but we have our 16×42 barn 1/3 done. I decided to get a third of it basically complete first so that the 100 chicks and 40 ducks have a home when they arrive the day after we return from South Dakota. Then with them in a safe, and HUGE place to begin their happy lives I will build the other 2/3rds in the following 2 weeks or so.

back left of the barn being built

We also have the future hay and feed shed dried in. we are using it for a temporary pavilion for now. It will hold our solar array this fall. It will be a 3000 watt system.

inside of the finished portion of barn

We also had a 12×24 Amish built building delivered. It will be the home of our Farm market. I will finish it inside this winter when the snow starts flying here in north east Ohio.

An almost 1/2 acre farm pond is marked out and ready for a local farmer neighbor to begin digging. It will be 10ft deep and stocked with walleye, crappie and bass. Marked it out then in preparation I scrapped the top 4 or 5 inches of topsoil off so that when it is finished, I can go back and smooth out the bank and rim.

Oh ya then there is the 120 tons of brand new gravel drive I put in and graded off.

entrance to the farm. 5 wire electric fence being put in.
gravel driveway at our intersection/turn around
front field when we tilled and planted the small 10 row section we decided to planted this year.

So that’s a quick update on what we have done so far. There are MANY more things in the beginning stages and planned/started, but this is a basic list of what’s done so far.

We leave for the Black hills 8-10-22 and will return on 8-28-22. We will not be shipping product during that time. You may continue to order just understand it will be a few before it is shipped. Also if you haven’t already now would be a great time to become a member as we open new in stock product to members first. FYI there will be 60 containers of Zucchini added to the in stock products when we return. Don’t miss out, and see you on the flip side.

My 2022 StreetGlide St waiting to be packed.