It Begins At The Begining

I am VERY proud and excited to FINALLY announce that XtremeLiving has begun, again. After 3 loooong years of searching and negotiating we have not only found, but we now have a 16-acre piece of land under contract. We have also taken delivery of our first of 5 freeze dryers. We have purchased 35 fruit trees already and have 65 more scheduled for delivery over the next 4 months. We have ordered 75 chickens and 30 ducks that will be delivered in mid May, and I am in the process of putting together a rather large rough sawn lumber from a local sawmill. I will be building a 18×35 cabin style building which will house on one half our stock room and on the other our processing facility. Not to bore you with VERY exciting to me details I should also have a new cat 2040 loader tractor with a 60″ tiller attachment soon. (don’t tell my wife about that one).

Arial View

So incase you haven’t been following me for the last roughly 15 years that I have had an online presence or if you have just recently re-found me after I deleted all my social media and its roughly 45,000 followers well I have sold my trucking company and we are in the process of building out a long term storage food company. We will also sell some as farm fresh to the locals, but my main goal is to find a small group (maybe 200 – 300) of like minded people that are serious about living a prepared and free lifestyle that can keep me just as busy as I ever would want to be.

In the coming weeks and months, I will be releasing MUCH more about what is happening. We would love to have a community with us right from the start as we build a blank field into the greatest little farm you have ever seen. you will literally be able to see the product you eventually buy be planted, grown, raised, harvested, and packaged. This is as I am sure you can guess a very expensive and stressful venture, but I believe in what I am doing, and I hope you will to.

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