Here We Grow

We have finally closed and our new land is officially ours. It has been a looong time in the making and we are super exited to hit the ground running. We have certainly been hard at it for the last 2 weeks. We have already purchased our new tractor. Its a Bobcat 2040. We got the box blade and rear 6ft tiller so far, and have been using it. ALOT.

There is so much to do it almost overwhelming. Feilds to till, building to build, a driveway/4 car parking lot to go in, roughly 1 mile of fencing to get put up, 3 gates, and of course the animals will arrive late summer.

There will be 50 chickens, and 30 ducks to start with. They are already purchased and set to arrive 3 days after we return from our Blackhills South Dakota motorcycle trip. We are also looking to source 15 or 18 sheep this fall. Eventually our flock will consist of 200 chickens and 75 ducks. We will probably add another 12 or so sheep in the spring and possibly some piggies.