Cowman Ranch Nears Opening For Buisness.

Our retail store is coming together, and is down to the finishing touches. We now have our solar power atleast temporarily up and running. The egg cooler has arrived. Now we are building bins to display our fruits and vegetables. Our meat freezers should arrive any day now.

We should be open mid February with chicken and duck eggs, some of our first usda lamb will be back from butcher, and soon after that we will have our usda beef.

We have memberships available now with some pretty amazing benefits.

Once we are fully operational we will be raising and growing the highest quality food available anywhere.

We will have pasture raised whole chicken, duck, lamb, beef, forest raised pork by the cut. Chick eggs, duck eggs, as well as most every common fruit and vegetable you can think of. We use no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or herbicides.


The quality of life for our animals is priorty one.